‘NSW Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Trust is in support of the RNSW Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Program’

What is the Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Program?

The Racing NSW and Corrective Services NSW Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Program (“Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Program”) is a joint venture between Racing NSW (“RNSW”) and Corrective Services NSW (“CSNSW”) for the retirement and retraining of racehorses.

The Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Program aims to:

  • Re-home Thoroughbred horses deemed suitable for use as leisure horses;
  • Re-educate and re-train thoroughbred horses for deployment in a new equine career;
  • Provide inmates with skills, training and prospective employment opportunities in the thoroughbred industry, through the completion of relevant tertiary TAFE qualifications offered through the Program.

The Program is a not-for-profit venture, with any proceeds from the sale of retrained horses reinvested into the Program to allow for its ongoing maintenance and possible extension. Racing NSW provides funding and administrative support to the operation of the Program, with the assistance of the NSW Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Trust and the support of its sponsor.

Thoroughbred Rehabilitation

Scott Brodie

Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Manager

Scott Brodie is a qualified Instructor with the Equestrian Federation of Australia. He has a competitive background in both eventing and dressage, having trained under many Olympians and world class instructors.  He competed to Advanced level in eventing and has schooled horses from break-in to the Grand Prix movements in the discipline of dressage.   

Scott has had a wide and varied education as an equestrian, he is both an advocate and accomplished practitioner of ‘Natural Horsemanship’ techniques and has had years of training in the field of classical dressage. This combination gives Scott a unique approach to the training of leisure and competition horses. It held him in high regard as a horse trainer with the NSW Mounted Police where he was involved for more than 20 years in the re-education of ex-racehorses, taking them from the track to careers as both highly proficient police mounts and accomplished competition horses.

Since taking on the role of Racing NSW's Thoroughbred Retraining Manager, Scott has run demonstrations state wide and has overseen the re training of every horse that has graduated from the Program. Scott leads a first class team of horse trainers who implement the Program on a daily basis.